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If you maintain your asphalt by sealcoating every 2-3 years you will extend the life of your asphalt. 

If you neglect your asphalt and let it go without a properly applied seal coat,

you will need to do costly overlays.

Hand Squeegeed Seal coat
Never Sprayed

We use Pitch black seal coat that contains latex.  This seal coat is rubberized and flexible not brittle.  Seal coat rejuvenates your asphalt by nourishing it and replacing lost oils.  
We recommend seal coating your asphalt every 2-3 years depending on the flow of traffic. 
We apply all of our sealcoat with squeegees to give you a better, longer lasting seal.
Seal Coating is the best thing you can do to prevent your asphalt from breaking down which causes cracking, potholes and discoloration.  Properly applied seal coat protects asphalt surfaces against the weather, salt, water and ultraviolet rays.

 Applying a protective sealcoat resists natural and man-made elements and maintains your parking lot’s aesthetic appeal.











Seal Coat Benefits:

  • Cleaning and Maintenance--Seal coating provides a smooth, even texture making the surface easier to maintain.

·        Appeal--Pavement looks new, projecting a positive image for your company and your investment property.

·        Slows Oxidation and Water Penetration--Sealcoating fills surface voids, reducing exposure to oxygen, moisture, and UV rays.







If you are considering a sprayed on seal coat, instead of a hand squeegeed seal coat consider this:

  • When spraying seal coat it must be diluted beyond manufacturer recommendations.

  • When spraying seal coat the material lays on top of the surface.

  • When spraying seal coat it rubs off quickly​.

  • Always insist on hand squeegeed seal coat for a longer lasting better looking job!

We always hand apply sealcoat with a squeegee it which ensures the seal gets into the pits.  Sealcoat is a thick material, too thick to be sprayed.

Get your asphalt squeegee seal coated now to protect your asphalt.